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Flash Reports:

TASI Group Acquires Sierra Instruments

TASI Group Acquires Onicon

Crude Oil Sets New Highs

Azbil Acquires 70% Stake in VorTek

Crude Oil Spikes to Nearly $110 per Barrel

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Just as the Worldflow Monitoring Service informs during the interval between studies, Flash Reports activate as soon as important news breaks. Flash Reports include both the key facts and a “What it Means” section. Subjects of recent Flash Reports include Siemens’ purchase of Controlotron, the API’s formulation of standards for vortex flowmeters, and Nu-Flo’s acquisition of Caldon.

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More Flash Report excerpts:

Emerson opens new flow calibration facility in Abu Dhabi - the first of Its kind in the Middle East

GE hedges its bets and boosts competitiveness with purchase of Dresser

Two major acquisitions announced involving Badger Meter and Brooks Instrument

News from the Front: Gastech 2011, Amsterdam




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